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UX Design is just as much about how a product feels as well as how it works. I've worked on a wide range of UX projects, find out more below.


User Experience Design is really important to any product or website. I'd start by asking you questions about your product or service. It's really important to discover your plans early on and what impact that will have on your users. I'd start with a video call or face-to-face and start learning about you, your team and your product.


UX Design requires lots of planning and organisation. While clients often do this themselves I'm on hand to guide you through the early stages and assist with any product decisions you may be struggling with. I'd then suggest some tools to work with such as Trello for keeping us on target.


You need something in front of you to test your theories and plans, wireframes are great for this. A wireframe is a quick, dirty group of blocks and buttons that imitate a final design. I wrap these together in a prototype so you can download it onto your device and show customers or clients, they can then click through the wireframe and give you valuable feedback.


Once you have finished all the planning and wire framing it's always ideal to test your assumptions with real people. Perhaps a member of your team or even better someone new. This saves time down the line, best to make mistakes early and correct before you've designed and built the whole product. I can assist and guide you through this process.


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