Volunteering Platform

A social volunteering platform for web, iOS and Android

Make Good Grow Volunteering Platform

I was involved in designing concepts for the MGG volunteering platform, this project ranged from initial wireframes to full UI/UX prototyping for investors and stakeholders to review.

Make Good Grow was a complex platform built as a web app for multiple platforms. We worked hard on the user flow and how to make all volunteering opportunities easily accessible. We wanted the design to have character and full of colour and excitement.

The platform also featured a fully embedded event builder where clients could setup their volunteering opportunities. The event builder would walk you step by step through location, categories, skills required and much more. It was designed to be simple flexible and powerful.

The web version of the site was designed to work with a wordpress theme.If you like this design please share and if you’re in the market to book a freelance UI designer don’t hesitate to contact me.

Date: May 25, 2021
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