Prototyping is a great way to show your app or websites workflow, It can save time and money before you start development, find out more below.


Prototyping is a fast and functional way of showing your co-founders, investors and team how the product that you've been building in your head actually works in real life. With prototyping you don't need to work with any developers or technical teams. You just need an idea and someone like me to create a beautiful prototype.


With prototyping you can see the work we've done on the UX and UI Design in your hand. You can show it to people. It will work on almost all devices. You can have it on your iPhone or tablet, you can load it in a web browser or you can even download it to your computer for offline use. Prototypes are really valuable to every emerging tech business.


When I build a prototype for you I use a tool called InVision. InVision lets me quickly create stunning prototypes from my UI design app of choice, Sketch. But that's not it. InVision allows you to add comments, share the prototype, add users and even inspect the code in which the prototype has been build in. It's amazing and you'll love it.


The beauty of using a product like InVision to build prototypes is that when you need changes you don't need to do anything else, I make the changes and the prototype link reflects those changes instantly. So you don't need to worry about sending out new links to your team. It just works. Smart!


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