Quiz Cup 2014 for iOS UX & UI Design

World Cup Quiz App for iOS

  • quizcup iOS ui ux
  • quizcup iOS ui ux
  • quizcup iOS ui ux
  • quizcup iOS ui ux

Quiz Cup for iOS UX & UI Design

With World Cup fever taking over I recently worked on a Quiz app for football fans with a nostalgia of collecting stickers. This is another project for those guys at Poptacular Ltd.

The App is not only a quiz but also a addictive game where each time you win you have a chance to win a sticker for your collection. Each team has a sticker book to complete and features hours of addictive gameplay.

I began working on the project by creating some UX ideas for how the game should flow, we then refined these and started creating the Interface.

Download it for your iOS device here.

Client: Poptacular Ltd
Date: June 30, 2014
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