Pilgrim UX & UI Design

Pilgrim is a check-in service that personalises your experience based on the places you visit.
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yellow box-ui-design

Yellowbox UX & UI Design

Yellowbox is for Agriculture what Uber is for Transport.
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InCrowd UI UX Dashboard Design

A medical survey startup that links doctors to their peers.
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AutoGear UX – UI Design

Mike helped AutoGear design UI & UX for their platform.
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Cheerity UX & UI Charity Design

Cheerity is the missing link between viral charity content and the cause.
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Hoorah UX & UI Design

Hoorah's goal is to bring in honest feedback into the workplace.
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Crowdicity UX & UI Design

Crowdicity is an idea management software for smart organisations.
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UI Design

ConnectiD UX & UI Design

ConnectiD is a smart address book that helps universities & businesses maintain accurate contact information
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Siftware UI Design

Siftware are experts at giving existing PHP applications a new lease of life.
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Rescue.io UI Design

Rescue.io UI Design I recently designed a new site for Shrewsbury based software development company Siftware found at rescue.io, Rescue.io is a new side of their business aimed at rescuing PHP projects. Siftware, the company behind rescue.io engaged me for UI design after chatting to boss Darren Beale at a Shropshire networking event called Shropgeek. We’ve all been there, you hire someone to work with and the
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