Sling App for iPhone

A brand new way to buy your friends a drink no matter where in the world you may be.

Sling App for iOS / iPhone

A handy way to send your friends a drink for any occasion.

Australian entrepreneurs (and siblings) Phil and Jane Lawlor approached me for a UI design and brand for their new product Sling. The idea behind Sling is simple, you send your loved one or friends a drink.

The drink is already paid for all they have to do is go to the bar and pick it up.

Sling App for iOS / iPhone

Sling uses your friends checked in locations to alert you when they’re at a bar or restaurant. You can then buy them a drink via the app wherever you are in the world. This then alerts your friend to go to the bar and collect their free drink. Who doesn’t want to pick up a free Margarita?

The app produces an exclusive code that would be redeemed via the bars purchase software, this then transfers payment to the vendor and your friends gets the drink.

Sling App for iOS / iPhone

The nice thing about Sling is you don’t even need to have any friends out. If you’re out or been somewhere recently and tried a nice cocktail you can buy that same drink for your friend. “You must try this cocktail, have one on me!”.  It’s a great way of sharing experiences.

This will then send a notification to your friend that gives them a set period of time to claim the drink. If the time expires, the users card is refunded.

Sling App for iOS / iPhone

Part of this project was branding. The logo below is made up of two shapes, the shape if you look closely is the top of a wine glass turned on it’s side. They are they cut together to form boomerang shapes to suggest you’re slinging something (and the founders being Australian also came to mind).

Sling App for iOS / iPhone

I really enjoyed working on this project. It was a complicated one and I found it challenging due to the amount of features we wanted to get into the app but really happy with the results. If you need a beautiful app design please contact me to talk.

“Professionalism and skill are hard to find in consultants for startups. Mike has both. He provided high quality designs, to spec, on time and within budget. I could not ask for more.”

Phil Lawlor, Founder Sling App.

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Date: March 22, 2019
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