Golf Rivals iOS App UI / UX for Launch48 Weekend

Hackathon Golf Project

  • Golf UI UX App iOS
  • Golf UI UX App iOS
  • Golf UI UX App iOS

Golf Rivals iOS UI / UX Design

I recently attended a Launch48 weekend where you are fought startup methods and put into teams to create a startup business. Attendees all pitched ideas and the best ones we’re voted on, leading to 5 teams being formed. I joined a Golf team aimed at stamping out slow play.

I Designed the Golf UI / UX iOS app that was to mimic the big tours, such as the PGA Tour, so it looked professional but was just for your mates. Our USP was the fact you could play golf with your friends even if they were not there on the day.

The end result is a pretty looking concept that uses google maps to make you look like you are on the tour.

Watch the video demo.

Client: Golf Rivals
Date: November 11, 2013
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