Best Puzzle Games Ever

Best Puzzle Games Ever?

The best puzzle games ever! (In my view) I’m a huge fan of the puzzle game, to me a puzzle game is the perfect blend of intelligent gaming and relaxation. As a creative person I find it really hard to switch off and forget about every
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Do NDA’s for Designers Stifle Creativity?

An NDA creative world (This article is aimed to open up discussion, not suggesting NDA’s should be scrapped) As someone who works for a lot of start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business I’ve noticed an increase in clients asking me t
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The Pros and Cons of using App Discovery Services

I was lucky enough to be approached by AppTurbo shortly after my game Directional Dash was released. AppTurbo are a app discovery service, they are one of many currently on the AppStore. AppGratis made huge headlines earlier in the year for
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