Give in to Time Off : Six reasons why time off can make you a better designer

When June started it marked a big milestone for me, it was a full year since I’d had any time off. Ok I’d had the odd bank holiday to myself here and there, but Christmas was written off by the flu and a big house move. It had been a long t
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Learn to speak designer: UI & UX basics

It’s not always easy talking to a designer, we can be a confusing bunch. What on earth are we talking about when we say things like “below the fold” and “information taxonomy”? Surely we can just speak plain English when designing an app or
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Why startups are the best clients

Five reasons why startups make the best design clients

Startups, they’re everywhere; If they’re not busy being featured in Forbes magazine or Design Week, they’re starring in their own HBO sitcom (I’ve yet to check out Silicon Valley, let me know in the comments if its worth a watch). But no ma
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