Freelancing & Dogs

You may be a freelancer and thinking about getting a dog, well YOU MUST but with some considerations. Here is a post about Freelancing & Dogs.

Betsy our Cockapoo has been in the family for 3 years now and has added so much joy to my life but when you work from home owning a dog does come with it’s challenges.

Below is a list of random Pros and Cons about owning a dog while being a freelancer.

Pro: You’ll need to walk your dog which means leaving your studio and getting lots of lovely fresh air and exercise. Turn the walk into a run and get your heart rate up, the dog will sleep forever afterwards too.

Con: Your dog will probably bark at anything or anyone that moves past your house especially when you’re on an important call. Make sure you have your finger on the mute button.

Pro: When you’re having a tough day they will always be there to make you feel better, without fail your K9 friend will make you laugh or help de-stress you a cuddle or that much needed attention we all crave.

Con: They want to play 24/7 and often trick you into playing. You’ll be busy, working on that masterpiece of design and then out of nowhere they’ll pretend they need a wee. You stop what you’re doing and then show up at the backdoor with a tennis ball in their mouth. Cheeky things.

Pro: Clients love dogs, you’ll find if you get talking to a potential client they have dogs of their own and you’ll instantly have a common thing to bond over. Bonding always helps land that new client before you know it you’ll be holding hands walking the dogs.

Con: You can’t just take a in-house project without planning where the dog will stay for the day. Larger dogs can stay at home for long periods of time but smaller dogs will need loo breaks and walks. This comes at an expense too if you don’t have family nearby. Dog walkers are typically £10 an hour.

Pro: They’re really good company, sometimes freelancing can be very lonely with days passing without any meaningful interactions with your clients. Especially if you work from home like me. A dog is a great daily companion.

Con: They want to eat all your food, I’m serious. If you have something nice they want it. If you drop something on the floor, they’ll eat it. If you have a desk snack, they expect some too.

I’m fairly confident nobody is reading this but feel free to tweet me with your own dog-freelance stories. #freelancedogs

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