Fitness Activity UI Design

Find people local to you that have similar fitness goals or join open groups to get fit together

Fitness Group Ui

A beautiful new way to get fit with others.

This project is a personal one aimed to bring groups of like minded people together with one goal, get fit together.

Sometimes being in a new city, away for travel or just in your very own town can be tough to find people to exercise with.

This app is designed to bring people together by giving over your location, seeing who’s near you and if any events are on that you’d like to join.

Fitness Group UI Design

The app will be purely fitness focused, so if you’re into yoga you can tailor the app to only feature yoga people, or if you like to try everything then you can access that too.

Plus! You can manage and control who comes to your events, so you have ultimate control with the people you invite to your group training.

Fitness Group Ui

While this is work in progress I’m excited to show off a few key screens.

More soon!

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Date: March 01, 2019
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