Spotify Playlists to help you work

If you’re like me you need music or a podcast on in the background to get you working. I had a job years ago that had a no music rule and as a result it was like working in a library, that job didn’t keep me for very long.

Over the years I’ve collected a fair few Spotify playlists that I like to throw on to help me work. My music tastes are fairly alternative but hopefully there will be something for everyone here, enjoy.

Alternative 70’s


This playlist is awesome. It’s a full decade before I was even born but contains some of my favourite songs. You’ll find bands like The Cure, Joy Division, Undertones, Iggy Pop and loads more.

Listen to ‘Alternative 70s’ here>

Billy’s Playlist

billys playlist

Around 4,000 alternative songs that are every 6 Music listeners dream. A mix of Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkey’s, Underworld, Kanye… all sorts.

Listen to ‘Billy’s Playlist’ here>

Last Man on Earth Soundtrack


A fan of the awesome TV show has painstakingly collected all the awesome songs from this comedy show. You’ll find old classics and new tunes. Kinks, Foo Fighters, Buddy Holly, Cat Power…

Listen to ‘Last Man on Earth Soundtrack’ here>

Classic Acoustic.

classic acoustic

Another Spotify managed playlist full of beautiful acoustic songs, many classics and some you may not of heard of. Simon and Garfunkel, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Nick Drake. This playlist will make your heart ache but it’s brilliant.

Listen to ‘Classic Acoustic’ here>

Hip Hop Evolution


If Hip Hop is your jam then you have no choice but give this playlist your time. It’s a soundtrack from the amazing HBO doc-series Hip Hop Evolution and contains all the classics from 2-Pac to Kurtis Blow.

Listen to ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’ here>

Almost Famous

Almost Famous

Another collection of songs put together from a fan of the excellent film of the same name, this playlist has all the classics from Elton John to David Bowie.

Listen to ‘Almost Famous’ here>

Best of Alt


And finally it wouldn’t be right without sharing a playlist I’ve been adding to for years, Best of Alt. I know some friends have been playing this in their offices over the last few years to mixed results. You can expect a wide range of everything, from heavy metal to pop. If I like the song (or once did) it’s in there. You’ll find Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Arctic Monkeys, Jeff Buckley, Idlewild etc etc

Listen to ‘Best of Alt’ here>



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