Over the years I’ve discovered several remote job sites that specialise in roles for the technology industry. Here’s some sites for you to find that perfect remote role.


Dribbble Jobs

Dribbble Jobs is an excellent resource for job hunters. It’s not dedicated to remote working but they do have a filter that refines the roles to satisfy that requirement. You’ll find it on the right hand side. Great for designers (duh)



Remotive Jobs

Remotive is a really nice site aimed at hoping job seekers find remote jobs, they claim to be helping 25,000 people finding their dream job. Great for developers and engineers.



Honest Work Jobs

Honest.work is a great resource for those who like to work from home. They make sure that salaries and rates are clear and introduce you directly to companies looking to hire. Great for developers, designers and Marketing professionals.



RemoteOK Jobs

RemoteOK has some really amazing roles, you’ll more likely to find some big brands hiring on this site. Similar to honest.work and Remotive, this site is ideal for creatives and engineers.



Angel.co Jobs

Angel is the place to be if you’re hunting for the hottest new startup roles. Like Dribbble Angel.co isn’t solely for remote workers but does have a filter. This site is ideal for creatives and engineers.



Product Hunt

ProductHunt is the darling of the startup world, they list awesome products, startups and companies. They also list some great remote jobs. You’ll find some great startups here, ideal for developers.


Any other places?

Drop me a message on Twitter (@zer0mike) about any sites I’ve missed and I’ll add them to this list.

Please checkout my work – I’m proud of it all and would love you to view it.

While I have you, read about how I’ve been freelancing for 10 years.

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