Pilgrim UX & UI Design

Pilgrim is a check-in service that personalises your experience based on the places you visit.


An Intelligent Checkin Platform

Pilgrim is a personalised check-in and ratings iPhone app that is tailored for you. The system will learn from your behaviour as you check into new places and supply ratings. Pilgrim will then recommend new places to you while visiting cities you’ve never been to before.


I’ve been involved with Pilgrim for a long while, I’ve created UI Design’s for them, worked through various product pivots and created UX flows for various stages of their app. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of being in a product space that giants such as Facebook dominate.

Check In Designer UI

As a freelance UI designer I’m very fortunate to work with some amazing people that become good friends, Paul at Pilgrim is one of those. 🙏

You can find out more about Pilgrim here http://pilgrim.social


Client: Pilgrim
Date: March 21, 2018
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