Crowdicity UX & UI Design

Crowdicity is an idea management software for smart organisations.


A Beautiful Idea Management Platform

Crowdicity is an idea management software for smart organisations. They approached me for UX & UI design for their web based platform which as their company grew started showing it’s age. We started small, designing a few key pages, which soon made other parts of the site look dated. This meant the project quickly developed into a full re-design of their platform.


Crowdicity is extremely complex and offers the user numerous ways to share, promote and justify ideas. It was critical that whatever changes we made still retained and expanded on the original functionality. I worked closely with Crowdicity’s COO Nick Wright. Being a designer himself, Nick had a strong and clear vision of what he wanted from the final design which really shows in the results.


One of the main challenges was settling on a design that would cope with expanding business opportunities in years to come. When used by larger organisations, the original design was presenting huge amounts of information with no way for users to scale or organise the content they were viewing. We introduced advanced filtering options to ensure users could easily discover ideas, making sure every page would scale in a number of ways.

voting ui design

The result of our work is a fresher, easier to use and high standard UI that meets the requirements of global business and organisations.

Crowdicity is the easier way to harness the ideas and insights of your employees, partners, customers or anyone whose experience can help your organisation do things better.

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Client: Crowdicity
Date: December 12, 2015
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