Do NDA’s for Designers Stifle Creativity?

An NDA creative world (This article is aimed to open up discussion, not suggesting NDA’s should be scrapped) As someone who works for a lot of start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business I’ve noticed an increase in clients asking me to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). It’s become almost par for the course that if I’m working on an interesting project I will have to agree to keep the work I’m doing a secre
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Adobe Kuler UI Colour Resource

Amazing Colour Resources for Designers

Amazing Colour Resources for Designers As a designer I should be better at using colour, I think we’re all guilty of “sticking to what we know” at some point in our careers. Luckily for me the internet is a haven of inspiration and truly amazing resources to aid your every day design work. This blog highlights some of the websites, apps and services which I use on a daily basis, If I miss any, pleas
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