I’m currently designing apps for several worldwide startup and tech clients.

Updated 28/4/2021

Currently working for a startup that that rewards users steps by planting trees, a nice feel-good project.

The painting is still going well, sold a few commissions and originals in the last few months, plus a load of prints. Check them out here.

I’m back at the gym now lockdown 3 has eased. Looking to be as healthy as I can so when I turn 40 in August I’m in for a fighting chance!

Updated 13/2/2021

We’re still in lockdown! I miss the gym, shops, pubs… ugh! wish me luck!

Updated 4/1/2021

I’ve been working on a huge UX project for a online real-estate business in the US, I still have several months worth of work to do but it’s great being creative and thankfully the team are very encouraging of my ideas.

New Years was quiet, not much going on while in lockdown.

2021 looks to be busy. I’m booked up until at least march maybe to June depending of my contract gets extended and then I need to look at my website and give myself a bit of a creative overhaul.

I don’t think this website reflects my creativity at this point in time.

Updated 12/10/2020

I just launched my art website where you can buy prints and original paintings of mine

Updated 1/9/2020

I’ve started painting portraits of famous people. Had some success. Sold three. Several commissions too.

Busy with work. Booked up for several months with some interesting projects. Had to turn down some great work and job opportunities recently but that’s life!

Back strength training after the last time I added to this page and a GLOBAL PANDEMIC

Updated 3/2/2020
I’ve started learning CrossFit Basics at CrossFit SY1

Updated 30/12/2019
I was recently on @si‘s Make Life Work podcast talking about the thing I know best….ME! Listen >

Updated 15/12/2019
Outside of work I’m keeping fit by doing regular strength training at Core

I released a improv comedy podcast and working on the next idea to launch.

You’ll find me posting daily stories to Instagram.

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