freelance dogs

Freelancing & Dogs

Freelancing & Dogs You may be a freelancer and thinking about getting a dog, well YOU MUST but with some considerations. Here is a post about Freelancing & Dogs. Betsy our Cockapoo has been in the family for 3 years now and has added so much joy to my life but when you work from home owning a dog does come with it’s challenges. Below is a list of random Pros and Cons about owning a dog while being a fre
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Figma – First Impressions

My first impressions of Figma. Design, prototype, and collaborate all in the browser.
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designers: follow your gut

Freelance Tip: Follow your Gut

When you're seeking a new project make sure you follow your gut. It may save you time and money.
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solve startup problems

Solve the problem then make the app.

Before you start your next project take a few moments to find a problem to solve.
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Future tech thoughts: e-sports for fitness

If e-sports can host massive million dollar tournaments why can't smart sports?
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