My SEO Story

This is my SEO story on how I launched a new site and got Google to discover and (eventually) love me
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pano book

Christmas Gifts for Designers

Christmas Gifts for Designers It’s that time of year where you feel the urge to buy your friends and family gifts, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it can be a tough old slog. Well, if they’re a designer try buying them some of these cool products. — Panobook Notebook Panobook is a panoramic notebook for your desk, and eventually, your shelf. Made of quality materials and thoughtful details,
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Spotify Playlists to Help you Work

Spotify Playlists to help you work If you’re like me you need music or a podcast on in the background to get you working. I had a job years ago that had a no music rule and as a result it was like working in a library, that job didn’t keep me for very long. Over the years I’ve collected a fair few Spotify playlists that I like to throw on to help me work. My music tastes are fairly alternative but h
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Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

5 places to find remote jobs online

It’s only natural to keep an eye on the job market, even if you’re a seasoned (old) freelancer like me. It’s healthy to know what opportunities are out there and the skills required to fill those roles.
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framerx splash

FramerX First Impressions

FramerX First Impressions I finally found time at the weekend to test out a new design / prototyping tool called FramerX. This quick blog post will cover my FramerX first impressions. What’s Framer? Framer is an interactive design tool that let’s you design UI & UX flows with typical design tools but also with code. While I’m not a very strong coder, having the ability to add an extra layer of d
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Moving home guide for designers

Moving house while working at home, a freelancers guide

Moving house is stressful, especially when you run a business from your home. Here’s my guide on how to deal with it. This year marks my 10th year of being a freelance UI & UXer – In that time I’ve moved house three times but this was the first time me and my wife Chrissy have sold and bought at the same time so it needed some extra preparation. All of these things are probably pretty obvious to
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