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How much for an App?

How much for an App? You wouldn’t believe how many email enquiries I get simply asking this question, “How much for an App?” If you’re a freelance designer and work within the technology sector you’ve probably had this email too, it’s frustrating and IMO lazy. So before you fire off that email asking a professional to give you a cost for a project, try thinking about these things&#
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Chasing Growth

The Freelance Business Dilemma: Do You Really Need to Chase Growth

It’s OK Not to Chase Constant Growth With Your Freelance Business All too often within business, we chase the idea of more – more work, more responsibility, more money. While an ambitious growth mindset can be great for a business with the resources to back it up, it can be exhausting for an independent freelancer. Sometimes, when running a freelance business, it’s more realistic and less stressful to be conten
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framerx splash

FramerX First Impressions

FramerX First Impressions I finally found time at the weekend to test out a new design / prototyping tool called FramerX. This quick blog post will cover my FramerX first impressions. What’s Framer? Framer is an interactive design tool that let’s you design UI & UX flows with typical design tools but also with code. While I’m not a very strong coder, having the ability to add an extra layer of d
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Mike Hince UI Designer Shrewsbury

Reflecting on 10 years as a Freelancer

Reflecting on 10 years as a Freelancer 2008 was an awful year. I was made redundant and lost my dad within months of each other. My dad plays a huge part in why I’m a freelance designer today but we’ll jump back to that later. 

Losing my job was tough as I’d fought for years to get to a decent wage, I’d started on £10k a year which was about half what our college had suggested most jobs start at. It took to 6 years
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Quitting Adobe Creative Cloud – 6 Months on

Ah Quitting Adobe Creative Cloud, challenge or relief? TL;DR – I don’t miss using Adobe Products. I’ve been a professional designer for over 15 years and for 14 out of those years I’ve been a dedicated Adobe supporter but a while back I decided that quitting Adobe Creative Cloud was the best way forward for me. First, a bit of history. I’ve worked on huge licensing brands such as Star Wa
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Invision for Designers

Why InVision is Important to UI Designers

In the beginning there was darkness, and then there was InVision. InVision is increasingly becoming part of my everyday workflow. I use it all the time. I’m almost addicted to it and this is my love letter to InVision. This is why InVision is important to UI Designers. Before we begin, I’ve recently launched my design business Bossanova. Please view some of my projects over at, thank you. Rig
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