InVision Studio

InVision Studio – First Impressions

InVision Studio. First Impressions. I made yogamoji in around 3 hours in InVision Studio. Check out the prototype here & Upvote it on Dribbble for me! Why now? I downloaded InVision Studio all the way back in April and left it sitting in my applications folder like a pack of Pot Noddles you’re to embarrassed to eat. I’ve been a dedicated Sketch user for years, so much so that over 12 months ago I stop
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Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

How much for an App?

How much for an App? You wouldn’t believe how many email enquiries I get simply asking this question, “How much for an App?” If you’re a freelance designer and work within the technology sector you’ve probably had this email too, it’s frustrating and IMO lazy. So before you fire off that email asking a professional to give you a cost for a project, try thinking about these things&#
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Chasing Growth

The Freelance Business Dilemma: Do You Really Need to Chase Growth

It’s OK Not to Chase Constant Growth With Your Freelance Business All too often within business, we chase the idea of more – more work, more responsibility, more money. While an ambitious growth mindset can be great for a business with the resources to back it up, it can be exhausting for an independent freelancer. Sometimes, when running a freelance business, it’s more realistic and less stressful to be conten
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framerx splash

FramerX First Impressions

FramerX First Impressions I finally found time at the weekend to test out a new design / prototyping tool called FramerX. This quick blog post will cover my FramerX first impressions. What’s Framer? Framer is an interactive design tool that let’s you design UI & UX flows with typical design tools but also with code. While I’m not a very strong coder, having the ability to add an extra layer of d
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Mike Hince UI Designer Shrewsbury

Reflecting on 10 years as a Freelancer

Reflecting on 10 years as a Freelancer 2008 was an awful year. I was made redundant and lost my dad within months of each other. My dad plays a huge part in why I’m a freelance designer today but we’ll jump back to that later. 

Losing my job was tough as I’d fought for years to get to a decent wage, I’d started on £10k a year which was about half what our college had suggested most jobs start at. It took to 6 years
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Quitting Adobe Creative Cloud – 6 Months on

Ah Quitting Adobe Creative Cloud, challenge or relief? TL;DR – I don’t miss using Adobe Products. I’ve been a professional designer for over 15 years and for 14 out of those years I’ve been a dedicated Adobe supporter but a while back I decided that quitting Adobe Creative Cloud was the best way forward for me. First, a bit of history. I’ve worked on huge licensing brands such as Star Wa
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