AutoGear UX – UI Design

AutoGear UI – UX Design AutoGear is a successful technology business based in Oslo, Norway. They provide a piece of technology that fits into your vehicle and tracks your milage for personal and work usage. In Norway there are laws preventing work vehicles being used for personal reasons and AutoGear helps businesses make sure this law is followed. AutoGear approached Mike to take creative lead for UI – U
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Pilgrim UX & UI Design

Pilgrim UX & UI Design Pilgrim is a personalised check-in and ratings iPhone app that is tailored for you. The system will learn from your behaviour as you check into new places and supply ratings. Pilgrim will then recommend new places to you while visiting cities you’ve never been to before. I’ve been involved with Pilgrim for a long while, I’ve created UI Design’s for them, worked through var
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Cheerity UX & UI Design

Cheerity UX & UI Design Cheerity is a new startup based in New York and ran by a team of people who have worked with charities their whole lives. Cheerity is the missing link between viral charity content and the cause. In many cases people joined in with viral campaigns without knowing what the cause was, Cheerity solves this problem. I’ve been working with Cheerity’s team in New York creating UX �
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Yellowbox UX & UI Design

Yellowbox UX & UI Design Late last year I was working with US startup Yellowbox who manufacture agricultural devices to automate farming equipment, as part of their expansion they needed a good looking and functional app which is where I stepped in. I worked closely with founder Neil Mylet to understand the problems he was solving so I could translate it into a easy to use UX Design. The app needed to do quite a
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Kudos UX & UI Design

Kudos UX & UI Design I’ve been working with a really lovely Singapore startup called Kudos whose goal is to bring in honest feedback of a job well done into the workplace. Elisa the founder wanted Kudos to be colourful and fun to use, it needed to have an element of engagement and worker individuals as well as large corporations. “Present your personalised report at your next performance review or job
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Crowdicity UX & UI Design

Crowdicity UI & UX Design Crowdicity is an idea management software for smart organisations. They approached me for UX & UI design for their web based platform which as their company grew started showing it’s age. We started small, designing a few key pages, which soon made other parts of the site look dated. This meant the project quickly developed into a full re-design of their platform. Crowdicity is
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UI Design

ConnectiD UX & UI Design

ConnectiD UI & UX Design ConnectiD approached me to help them design the UI & UX for their contacts list app, in both iOS and Android. Their main priority was to create a familiar UI that was also current and fresh. ConnectiD is a smart address book that aims to help universities and businesses maintain accurate contact information to make life simpler for everybody. The UX needed to be simple yet face compli
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Siftware UI Design

Siftware UI Design Siftware are experts at giving existing PHP applications a new lease of life. They create and maintain custom PHP web sites and applications, working from their offices in Shropshire, UK. Siftware approached Mike to create a modern, fresh UI design for their website which was beginning to look dated. They needed a site that clearly communicated the services they offered, with greater focus on their
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Rescue.io UI Design

Rescue.io UI Design I recently designed a new site for Shrewsbury based software development company Siftware found at rescue.io, Rescue.io is a new side of their business aimed at rescuing PHP projects. Siftware, the company behind rescue.io engaged me for UI design after chatting to boss Darren Beale at a Shropshire networking event called Shropgeek. We’ve all been there, you hire someone to work with and the
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Oxygen Timeline UX Design

Oxygen Timeline UI & UX Design

Oxygen Timeline UX Design I recently started working with my friends over at Oxygen Startups, a company that provides programmes for startups from weekenders to full intensive 13 week route to investment programmes. My first task was to sit down with CEO Simon Jenner and talk about his ‘virtual arse kicker timeline’ idea, I was then tasked with creating a UI & UX design that would serve as a MVP. The
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